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My first 240Z. Put nearly 200,000 miles on it for a total of over 300,000.
Click on the picture for details on it.
My latest 240Z, purchased with just over 100,000 miles on the odometer.
the before of the wheels
The wheels were a bit oxidized.
the before of the wheels
A jar of Mothers Billet polish, several hours and even some wet sanding to start with.
the before of the wheels
Underhood, polished valve cover, Z Therapy carbs, MSD 8.5 spark plug wires, pertonix ignition.
the before of the wheels
MSD 6 with Blaster SS coil. The picture on the right is at a distance of one inch. The sparks don't just make a 'tick, tick' sound they make a high pitched screeching sound. Overkill? Probably, but it is fun.
the before of the wheels
Dynamat hood insulation. Helps protect the paint on the hood from the engine heat. Unfortunately it also holds the heat under the hood which isn't such a good thing. So far not having the paint oxidize so fast is worth it.
the before of the wheels
Hi-Luster Finish-It followed by Wet Obsession or Wolf Chemicals Body Wrap create a nice finish. Shipping on the Body Wrap from Hungary isn't as bad as it sounds.
the before of the wheels
Replaced the steering rack and pinion, tie rod ends, all bushings, upgraded the brakes to the Toyota 4 piston ones with SS braided brake lines, new brake master cylinder. Upgraded brake pads front and porterfield shoes in the back. Replaced the clutch slave and master cylinder. Tokico strut cartridges all the way around.
speaker panel
Rear Speaker Panel, original panel has to be removed but I did save it along with all of the other original parts I've replaced. A nice alternative to cutting holes for speakers or loose ones that would come flying forward in a collision.
Custom stereo install with hidden CD changer, still have original factory radio, just really wanted to hear the music in stereo. Nothing too fancy just decent sound with a look that still somewhat fits in.
the before of the wheels
Grant leather steering wheel, sisal mats and the front edge of a Miata seat showing. Side windows tinted with clear heat blocking film. Window channel felt replaced, rear hatch seal replaced. Clock cleaned and lubed now works.
Replaced the rusted header with a stock '72 manifold and Monza exhaust system. Changed out the muffler for a dynomax to quiet it down a bit, the went for a borla muffler and finally liked the sound..
Added Hella air horns to get attention when needed.
More projects and more pictures to come.

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