My Z at Crecent City, CA   1973 240Z At Crescent City, CA

Wheels:   Aluminum off a rusted out Z I bought for parts.  When I started polishing them you could hardly tell the front from the back of the wheels.
Took about a week of polishing by hand to get them cleaned up.
Tires: Started with 205/70/R14's. I liked the look of the larger tires on the car but there are too few tire choices in that size. To get more performance tire choices I have switched to 195/65/14's. Currently Bridgestone Potenza RE950's

My Z at Crecent City, CA     About 8 years ago I replaced the stock engine that was getting wornout with a 280Z engine.
It was from one of those places that claims to get low mileage engines from Japan. In hindsight it doesn't take a genius to realize that there aren't low mileage 280's running around Japan just waiting to have the engines pulled and shipped to the US. In the small print on their site it states that 'some' of their engines come from domestic wrecking yards. So basically it was a junk yard engine that was tested and painted. About 40,000 miles ago it needed repairs so I did a quick rebuild with new rings and bearings.
Soon to be replaced with either a basic ATK rebuild or a performance engine.

Valve Cover:  Polished.
Carbs: The car had the round top SU's when I bought it. After adding almost 200,000 more miles to the car the carbs were in definate need of work. I purchased a set of used carbs online and found that they were as bad if not worse than my old ones. Then I finally did what I should have done years ago and got a set from and they work like a dream (the ones in the picture are not the Ztherapy ones. I have also since replaced the air filters shown with a stock airbox and K&N filter. The stock airbox has the outside cutoff of it to allow more air flow.

After a long day of polishing sometime around 1995

Ignition:  Pertronix ignition, clean install, fits completely under the distributor cap. MSD 6 ignition with MSD Blaster SS coil. Magnacore 8.5 wires. Does it make the car run better? Who knows but it does run strong and when testing the spark to the engine compartment it doesn't just click when it fires it makes a screaming sound as the spark jumps.
Alternator: Switched to 280Z internally regulated and now have switched to Zspecialties high output to handled electric cooling fans and higher output headlights and heater blower fan. Optima yellow top battery also helps handle larger loads
Replaced the AMP guage with a voltage guage. Routed power through fusable link to battery to avoid having full power from alt to battery go through passenger compartment.


Brakes: Front Toyota 4X4 caliper replacement, metallic pads. Stainless Steel braided brake lines. Gives car a much confident feeling when stopping.
Suspension:  New rear springs, all new front polyurethane bushings, reman steering rack, rear sway bar. Tokiko struts.



Radiator upgrade from JTR book similar to one at:
Replaced stock cooling fan with electric.
Added engine oil cooler.

Inside Cooling : R134A A/C System; with electric cooling fan infront of condensor. A/C system is weak at best. Solis clear heat rejecting window tint on side windows helps keep car cooler. On the list to someday get a custom system installed to make the car usable in the summer.

Electric Fan mounted to single core aluminum radiator. Held in place with the JTR bracket on the bottom and a modified chrome top mount.


Mazda Miata Seats. Comfortable and have a similar profile to stock seats

Interior: Grant leather steering wheel.

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